Our Content

SBC offers 24 different modules across the sustainability spectrum to meet both traditional academic and cutting edge corporate needs. We have taught 12 different courses at 12 universities, and are regularly invited to guest lecture at a multitude of institutions.

Who Our Content Is For

Enables institutions to build or add sustainability to their curriculum in the form of modules, full courses and certificate programs.

Equips educators and faculty with easy to use, proven, skills-based sustainability content to add to their courses.

Engages students in ways that they best respond to vs. traditional lecture..

Provides students with the practical skills that employers are seeking today in the modern workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our modules come complete with the following:

  • Multimedia Online Video Lectures
  • Assessments (Competency Based)
  • Answer Keys
  • Discussion Questions
  • Syllabi
  • Learning Objectives
  • Power Points
  • Additional Readings

Please visit our Schools Page for more information.

Yes, we have done so at many universities to help faculty, specific departments and Sustainability Directors through workshops on integrating sustainability into curriculum and courses.

No, each one is completely customizable based the number of courses you need. For example, you may purchase a full-course, a single module, or a bundle of modules.

Yes, SBC will load the content into any LMS system your university uses, whether it’s Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, etc. The content is offered online via streaming videos and digitally available readings and media.

Yes, our content is built to the highest AACSB accreditation standards.

Please use the  Contact Page for a customized quote!

Yes, our content is ready to be loaded the minute you call. It is built to be plug-and-play and is instantly available.

Granted, due to human limits, we ask for at least two (2) weeks’ notice to allow the SBC team enough time to gain access to your LMS system, load, review and test the course.

Absolutely. We’re proud of our content, and we want you to be 100% confident in it as well. We’ll provide you with a single license to view the videos for free for up to one month. If you’re interested, we’re also happy to share a preview of our supplemental materials such as assignments, quizzes and discussion questions.

Our content can be purchased several ways:

  • The student purchases the content similar to making a textbook or case study purchase at Amazon.com for a class
  • The University, School or Department purchases a certain number of licenses and includes it in their syllabi as a textbook or technology fee
  • The school has a grant or funding source and subsidizes the purchase for the students