Intergrating Sustainability Across Curriculum

Integrating sustainability into curriculum is often the hardest challenge towards advancing sustainability on campus. You run into institutional obstacles, budgeting issues, faculty-staff-administrative issues or sometimes the process can itself be too overwhelming.

SBC excels at helping institutions add sustainability content to departments, schools, and across entire University Curricula. We believe that one of the first and best places to start is by getting interested faculty into one room and running a Sustainability Integration Workshop.

Our workshops are hands-on and focus on the ins and outs of successfully integrating sustainability into curriculum successfully. We identify common obstacles, solutions for overcoming them and highlighting best practices for bringing the vision of integration to reality.

Participants will leave not only with a better understanding and clear road map for integration, but will also learn how this work can help meet both STARS and Accreditation requirements.

Here’s a snapshot of how various departments can integrate sustainability:  Integrating Sustainability Across Curriculum.pdf

Integrating Sustainability Across Curriculum

Adding Sustainability To Your Course

Many times, faculty want to add sustainability content to their courses but they don’t have time, the resources, or know where to turn. SBC excels in helping faculty solve this issue, mostly because we’ve been in your shoes.

Kevin Wilhelm, our CEO has been asked numerous times as a faculty member to add content to a course last minute and had nobody to turn to. So rather than having instructors have to read a bunch of books, create their own ppts & assignments, and become masters of content they are unfamiliar with, we’ve developed workshops with the content to answer that need.

Our workshops are informative, fun, and definitely roll-up your sleeves affairs that are designed to teach faculty how they can incorporate sustainability into their syllabi & classes starting next week.

Adding Sustainability To Your Course